Willkommen zur DENKsession! Welcome!

Das Webinar rund um das Thema KI-basierte Bildauswertung in unterschiedlichen Bereichen. 

The webinar on the topic of AI-based image analysis in various domains.

Was kannst du erwarten: (What can you expect)

20 min Live-DENKsession

  • Brief introduction to image analysis with AI
  • Topic block experience reports, challenges & potentials

10 min Q&A

Kommende Themen: (Upcoming topics)

OCR (Texterkennung): 04.06.2024, 15:00Uhr

  • What kind of text, numbers, strings to read
  • capability of DENK-OCR -> send us your image to test live
  • integration and processes to use it
  • Questions (from you) getting answered (from us) 

Anmeldung/Registration: LinkedIn  

Food industry (Lebensmittelindustrie): 02.07.2024, 15:00Uhr

Anmeldung/Registration: Link will follow soon

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